How it works 

Once every month Rock’n Momma partners with a designer, illustrator, or artist to create a custom line of t-shirts and designs.


Each collection line contains original artwork done by the contributor, and purchases go towards supporting local artists and designer work rather than sending bucks to big t-shirt chains.


These t-shirt lines work to bring customers cool shirts, and support local artists - it’s a win, win!


Are you an artist, designer, illustrator, or just someone who has some cool ideas for a t-shirt line and wants to be a CC collaborator? Contact us here through our contact form, and we would love to hear about your ideas.

Meet our collaboration Collection Artists.

Our Collaboration Collection Series artists are awesome, and we want to celebrate with you just how awesome they are, too. Each of our artists have t-shirt designs available for purchase in our store, and links are provided below to follow and keep up with your favorites. Every shirt bought is a contribution to the success of Momma and our artists - three cheers for that!

Amy Summerhays 

Amy Summerhays is the designer + illustrator behind the Fierce Feminist Collaboration Collection. Amy is a local Utah graphic designer and illustrator who brings fun design and confident personality to her work. Her line, Fierce Feminist doesn’t hold back, because Feminism is supposed to be expressed loudly and proudly. 


To see more of Amy’s work, check out her website at:


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Varsha Suresh 

Varsha Suresh is the artist behind the Tropical Daydreams Collaboration Collection. Varsha is a Washington D.C. based conservation biologist and artist who runs Pencil Roots - and hopes to use her creations to make you fall in love with the natural world while inspiring a vigor to protect it. Her line, Tropical Daydreams mixes colorful flora & fauna with tropical animals we should work to help conserve their habitats and environments.


To see more of Varsha’s work, check out her store at:


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Carrington Haley 

Carrington Haley is the designer and illustrator behind The Language of Flowers & People Collaboration Collection. Carrington is a local, Utah based artist who specializes in brand identity, illustration, print, and motion. Her beautiful and intricate line work makes for eye catching designs you won't see anywhere else.  Her line explores the connection between the spirit of humanity and the language that flowers speak, as the two are more connected then we realize.


To see more of Carrington’s work, check out her site


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Kinah Jones /
Spiced Honey Chai 

Kinah Jones is an illustrator based in NYC and works under the alias of Spiced Honey Chai, a name that was birthed out of her immense love for Chai tea, and the artist behind the Space is Cool Collaboration Collection. Her line explores the concept of being alone, and how being alone should be celebrated as a cornerstone for development and growth. In other words, space is cool.


To see more of Kinah's work, check out her site


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